3D Laser Scanning

Grayton use the latest 3D Laser design technology to accurately and effectively survey complex areas containing steel work, pipe work, cables and process equipment. The resultant models produced are accurate to fabrication tolerances.

3D Laser Point Cloud Scanning

3D Laser Point Cloud scanning is now the standard tool for engineering design companies to capture dimensional data of real-life structures. Our design and surveying team have many years’ experience of using reality capture instruments along with more traditional measurement tools to obtain accurate on-site data.

All our projects start with a survey, we like to carry out a point cloud survey of every project we engage on and is the starting point for our design work. Accurate and historical data is essential in providing detail cost effective design solutions. From the survey the data is used to generate 3d models of existing structures in order to ensure that any new designs or modifications to plant and equipment synchronise together to eliminate and reduce potential problems during the installation phase.

  • 3D Point cloud reality capture
  • 3D Modelling of existing structures
  • Cost effective, efficient and accurate data capture
  • Historical records
  • Enhanced communication of design intent
  • Working along with traditional surveying techniques


“Point Cloud Laser scanning has revolutionised the design office, accuracy and data is the key factor in delivering successful design, this technology makes that happen”

Richard Southee C.ENG – Technical Director, Grayton


“The ability to capture existing dimensional data in a short period of time is critical for industrial plants like ours, the results this company provide are outstanding”‐ Shaun Oliver - Engineering Manager, Tata Chemicals


Grayton offer a turnkey solution to Engineering Problems. We pride ourselves on being flexible to support our clients where they need us when they need us.


With the support of our new design company we are able to design and build using 3D technology to ensure our new solutions fit to existing difficult spaces that our clients often present us with.

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Heavy Engineering comes in all shapes, sizes and industries. Grayton specialises in the knowledge that comes with understanding the unique characteristics of the processes involved with; Cement, Steel, Oil, Chemical and Food.

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